Sunday, November 18, 2007

Resistance: Fall of Man

Launch title for PS3. Bundled with most PS3's in recent times. Is it any good?

Quite good graphics. I would put it a little below Call of Duty 4 graphics - but good nonetheless.
The aliens are much and varied. Some look good, some not so good.

Some good sound - nothing to complain about.

The game plays very well. As expected - you run around, you kill things with more eyes than you, some really weird looking hybrid monsters and zombies.

Some of the AI is not too bright. For example - the first time you meet the fast moving little buggers they are nearly unbeatable. Then you realize they just jump on a predetermined pattern. All you do is find a good point to aim at out of harms way - wait for them to repeat the pattern to land on the spot you have chosen and take them out. Bit of lazy programming there.

In my opinion, the single player is as good as COD4, just bit longer. The weapons are quite lekker... the crazy one that can go though the walls is nice. The multi player is enjoyable enough to hold its own against other FPS titles. But I expect that in this gen we should see a bit more than what is on offer here. It might have been a top of the range previous gen title - but for this generation's life cycle I expect much more.

The jeep driving thing for example. Heck - I am quite sure that by now there is a bit more realistic driving engines that can be used in a game like this. Sony - please man - lend some GT3 A-Spec code so we can have a bit of decent driving in a war game for a change.

Well - quite a new plot. Rewriting history - not from the point if Axis or Allied battles went other way - but if some Alien race the Chimera - entered the fray and started taking control. Well - good excuse to get some old weapons mixed with new ones in a historic setting.

Overall Impressions
Well - it is OK. I would say - compared to previous gen this is great. For this gen I expect Warhawk with bigger environments - mixed modes of play. R:FOM takes a tried and proofed concept, good story - and executes well. There should be many of this title in second hand games stores now - so many came with PS3's, and it sold quite well. If you have a PS3 - get this one. You will not be disappointed.

How much did my kids play this?
They liked the multiplayer. Not as much as Warhawk - but they do love to play as the Chimera. But what do you expect of young boys? To role play as a mean looking alien with some really crazy weapons = dream come true. My wife hated this game. The monsters gives her nightmares. But then - other than Warhawk she hates FPS in general.

My overall impression:
This Gen Score 6/10
Previous Gen Score 8.5/10

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