Friday, November 23, 2007

Eye of Judgment

Is this new Eye game any good? Is it just a tech demo?

The graphics is OK. Some nice animations. But there is not much that the game depends on graphics.

OK I guess. Could really do with user defined music list.

My oldest boy - 9, have been asking for this game ever since he saw the video. He loves card games, and the idea of playing it with animation on screen - and having a partner to play with really rocked his little world.

For me it became a bit boring though. The area is 3x3 - which is a bit small. I guess it has to do with how much area the camera can accurately track. And this is the area where I would have liked to see more improvement. It makes for very limited gameplay area. Some of the other similar games have much larger environments. So this new tech that it uses is its selling point and its long term Achilles Heel in my opinion.

It sure is fun though to play the cards and see the action on screen.

Another ancient civilization that apparently played some card game summoning monsters and spells. Seems like there was quite a few that the archaeologists missed.

Overall Impressions
This game does get your attention. People gawk at it and want to have a go. Many will get bored with it quickly - but whenever showing off the capabilities of your PS3 this game has the wow factor. Since getting R&C:FTOD, this game is the only one that gets some PS3 time at the moment.

How much did my kids play this?
The one boy loves this game above all others. He pesters everyone the whole day for someone to play with. The rest seemed only vaguely interested.

This Gen Score 6.5/10
Previous Gen Score 8.5/10

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