Sunday, November 11, 2007


Motorstorm - the wild racing game.

Graphics is good. The mud and the crashes - really looks fantastic. The vehicles - well - this is not Gran Turismo - that is clear.But the environment is great. The fly over the valley is amazing.

I keep on finding myself replaying the introduction. "In this ageless valley..."
The sound of the voice actor, just great. The cars and the trucks and bikes are what you would expect. The music was horrible. Please let us choose our own music. I turned the mus

So you race in this valley. When I watched an old episode of MacGyver - there was a fly over this area - and wow - they really got this area right. I could actually see where the races took place.

The gameplay is not vary varied. You race with different vehicles. Bikes, trucks, monster rigs, mud pluggers etc. You chase through huge courses. The cars handle as you would expect. They did seem to get the course just right that you could be competitive with all the vehicles. But that is it. If you like off road racing - you will love it. Otherwise - it will over a bit of fun - but not much replay value like Gran Turismo.

Well - in this Valley, some people thought it good to organize a few races. If you could call them that. So you race. You wreck vehicles ten times in a race if you are lucky. You unlock the next track. Or the next vehicle. And you race again.

Overall Impressions
It is a great game. You will like it for a while. Every now and then you will pick it up again for another race. But you are not racing to an objective. You just race to get to the next race. A bit of a story could have helped. Also the fact that there is not a split screen multi player option sucked. It would have been much more fun.

How much did my kids play this?
Not much. And when they did, they tried to see who could get the most spectacular crashes. Which wears off after a while. Because crashes are spectacular - but only so much. Now and then they wanted to race with a big rig. But overall - this game did not hold their attention for more than a few days. How much did I play it? Well - a hell of a lot less than Gran Turismo 4. The game needs something. Maybe better vehicles. Or a story line. Something. The physics and the gameplay is solid. But something to make you want to come back for more is not there.

My overall impression:
This Gen Score 5/10
Previous Gen Score 8/10

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