Friday, November 23, 2007

Need for Speed: Carbon

Need for Speed - another one. What do I think?

The graphics is OK. In my opinion not up to Gran Turismo 4 level - but then - this is a typical arcade street racer with a story line. Some nice slow motion effects.

Not my type of music. Would like custom tracks.

In my house, I am the only one that enjoys racing games.
As with all the NFS games - no matter how much you tune your car, the Police always seem to have cars that can outperform yours.

What I really miss from this is the number of cars in the traffic. Heck - a busy city - with so little cars. No way! Even at two in the morning there should be more traffic. All in all - enjoyable - but not enough to keep you coming back too many times.

Cars could do with more customizations and tuning.

The story line is basically about the comeback guy that has to work his way up in the street racing scene. As it progresses, some more of the story line gets revealed. But the enjoyable part is racing in a street race, dodging oncoming traffic and staying out of the way of the police.

Overall Impressions
Enjoyable for a street racer with a decent attempt at a story line. There is a new version that is just out now - so you might want to skip this one.

How much did my kids play this?
They were not interested. At all. Not with Eye of Judgment, Ratchet & Clank, Warhawk and COD4 around.

This Gen Score 4.5/10
Previous Gen Score 7/10

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