Sunday, November 18, 2007

Call of Duty 4

Hyped a lot on all platforms - what do I think of COD4?

Split screen - 4 player - smooth. In general the graphics is excellent. The only hiccups was with 4 player split screen when you call in air support - a couple of frame rate hiccups - and then it returns to normal...

Lots of explosions, what you would expect from a good quality title. Great sound in gene

Actually - the single player is very short. I don't make a point of timing ho long it took me - but this one was over way too soon. The gameplay is varied - many elements that one would think you could have in more than one chapter. Or maybe have a choice on how you would like to go for it.

The weapons are OK, the running and screaming is OK, the way it is presented is great. But - I know many of you will balk at this - but I enjoyed Killzone on PS2 more than this. I actually replayed Killzone on my PS3 not too long ago - and to be honest - I enjoyed it more than COD4. If I had to choose to replay Killzone or COD4 now, I would pick Killzone. Story is deeper, the character development is better, and in general the gameplay is longer, better etc.

From a graphics point of view, this is what the fuss about COD4 is all about. It looks great. It has great moments. The first chapter on the ship has great graphics. But in the end - the gameplay is very linear.

If you have a PS3 - get this game. It is worth it. The multiplayer saves this title. But Warhawk beats it by a mile if you want to play a multi player game.

Some Cold War type nuclear threat come true. You hunt and kill until you get the bad guy in the end. In between you sit in a helicopter, but mostly you run on the ground and kill whatever is not your friend.

Overall Impressions
For a single player - I liked the old Killzone more. For multiplayer - Warhawk is so far ahead that it is embarrassing. But it is still a very good title. Bit on the short side - but it does look good and plays good enough. Rent it - you will finish it over the weekend without losing too much sleep. Expect many of this title on the second hand games stores.

How much did my kids play this?
They liked the multiplayer. But not as much as Warhawk. Very little interest in the single player side - maybe because there was no aliens involved. For single player they play R:FOM - maybe because there is aliens.
My overall impression:
This Gen Score 5.5/10
Previous Gen Score 8/10

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